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The Columbus Dispatch

The Columbus DispatchThe Columbus Dispatch is the only daily newspaper serving all of the Columbus, Ohio, metropolitan market. Both the print and online arms of Ohio’s Greatest Home Newspaper are committed to providing the most accurate, timely and in-depth news and information to the Columbus metropolitan area.

The Columbus Dispatch is read by more than 1.8 million Central Ohio adults each week making it the perfect place for your marketing message. Dispatch readers are generally highly educated, affluent and have money to spend on things they want or need.

In addition to the incredible reach The Columbus Dispatch also offers more than 20 highly targeted special sections each year which give advertisers the opportunity to reach customers who are actively seeking out their message. 

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The New Format Columbus Dispatch Is Here

It has simply been accepted that newspapers should look and feel a certain way. It wasn’t questioned. The cumbersome nature of the standard newspaper was simply accepted. Finally, a major newspaper is changing all that. One newspaper is truly being designed around the people who read it and the modern world in which they ready it.

The new Columbus Dispatch will now be Formatted for Life. In a world where so many of the other products we interact with every day – from smart phones to tablets to.......Continue Reading