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Building a Marketing Communication Plan

Six Strategies To Build Your Marketing PlanGetting started with a marketing communication plan can be intimidating. With so many platforms, it can be hard to tell which media will best reach your target audience. Let Dispatch Media Group assist you in this process by downloading our Top 6 Strategies to Build Your Marketing Communication Plan.

In it, you’ll find best practices which can be easily implemented in a variety of business models. In addition to learning the six strategies, Dispatch Media Group has included practical examples and real-world applications to further guide you. These steps are laid out simply, effectively, and will translate well to your business.

Our Top 6 Strategies will help you understand your target buyer, create and distribute meaningful content, build presence through frequency, develop multi-touch campaigns, and learn to analyze the effectiveness of your advertising.

By incorporating the Top 6 Strategies, business owners will better understand their clientele, be able to market valuable content effectively through multiple media platforms, and evaluate their return on investment. Dispatch Media Group is confident that these strategies will build lasting customer relationships and improve your bottom line. So download it now and start learning how to build a marketing communication plan for you business.

Do not reach THE market, but reach YOUR market

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In today’s market, you cannot fully understand your target market until you understand your own company. Raven, an online marketing service provider, published a great article detailing the value of breaking down your marketing efforts into individual segments, with each segment representing a different group of customers with similar backgrounds, needs and values. The consequence of such an endeavor is a campaign with better focus that is more engaging to your target audience.

Is Your Advertising Effective?

Newspaper Ads

It seems even the best have difficulty in knowing if there advertising is working or not. Measuring ad-recall is an immensely challenging process, especially in more traditional mediums such as print or magazines.

Customer Data = Advertising Power

Customer Questions

Everybody has heard the saying “knowledge is power.” For business owner’s knowledge often comes from data, thus “data is power.” The more data your small business has the better, right? How many widgets sold last month and how many are in inventory? What is the profit margin on each widget sold? What were total sales yesterday, or last week? These are questions that business owners can answer quickly, and they are all derived from data.

3 Trends in Education To Consider When Marketing

Higher Education

The world of education is facing a blitz of forces changing the way we’ve always done things.  Technologies like massive online open campuses and mobile devices are disrupting institutional organization. Blended learning and the need for equal access to college credit opportunities for high school students are forcing educational institutions to make the decision to resist change or get ahead of it.  Read on for what I think are the top three current trends in education.

Build Your Small Business Through Blogging


Blogging is not just designed for mothers to chronicle their toddler's latest adventures or a “Star Trek” fan to break down which version of Captain James T. Kirk is superior. Few marketing tools match the power of blogs for growing small businesses.

5 Basic Email Marketing Tips

email Marketing

Email marketing is only effective when people can see and read your message. Ending up in the spam folder can be a dangerous fate if your company uses email marketing as a primary marketing tool. It can mean reaching fewer potential customers, lost sales and a decline in revenue. With such high stakes, you can't afford to make any serious missteps on an email marketing campaign.

Top Five Fundamentals of Mobile Advertising Design

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is one of the fastest growing and most promising new marketing approaches.  Until recently, media venues have been defined by functionality and the surrounding environment.  Mobile has changed that.  The functionality of different mobile devices varies widely and the environments the devices are being used in are almost infinite.  In fact according a study conducted by Compete Inc., two out of three consumers use mobile devices at home to research education not just while on the go.  In addition, roughly one in eight education related searches are performed on a mobile device.  Consumers move fluidly across devices and platforms.  Advertisers must make sure their messages do the same.  With all of this opportunity packed into such small screens, what’s the best way to convey your message?

Retargeting: Why It Needs to Be Part of Your Advertising Strategy

Retargeting 2

Your advertising reach campaigns may bring visitors to your site, but they don’t always convert to customers. In fact, according to research from MarketingSherpa, conversion rates vary from 3 percent for retail sites to 10 percent for financial and professional service sites. Many people think this indicates a problem with the original campaign or message, but that may not be the case. It could be that the prospect simply wasn’t ready to buy at that moment, but they may be in the future. You don’t want to take a chance on losing the sale to a competitor so you need a way to stay top of mind with the target. The best way to do that is retargeting.

Pump Up Your Reviews: Help Customers Become Crusaders

Customer Reviews

While digital marketing simplifies some things, it doesn’t change the basic rules of the game. People buy from people they trust, and they trust what they hear about you from your other customers more than they trust what you say about yourself. To stay competitive, you definately need your customers to be your online allies to increase traffic and sales.

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