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The New Format Columbus Dispatch Is Here!

The Columbus DispatchIt has simply been accepted that newspapers should look and feel a certain way. It wasn’t questioned. The cumbersome nature of the standard newspaper was simply accepted. Finally, a major newspaper is changing all that. One newspaper is truly being designed around the people who read it and the modern world in which they ready it.

In a world where so many of the other products we interact with every day – from smart phones to tablets to cars to coffee makers - are constantly evolving, continuing to be more smartly and efficiently designed around ease-of-use and simplicity, it’s time for the newspaper to evolve, adapt, and simplify itself to better fit your life as well.

In a streamlined world, finally the newspaper fits in. Like a well-designed website, the navigation is easier. The content is better labeled. The stories are packaged better. The photos are more vivid. It’s a whole new experience. And it’s all packaged in a redesigned, easier-to-handle format that will change the way people think about newspapers. With all the news you’re used to and more, this is the new Dispatch. 


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Why You Will Love The New Format Columbus Dispatch

  • NAA FFL CoverA more convenient, manageable, portable format
  • Easier to read
  • More relevant stand-alone sections catering to individual reader taste
  • Increased targeting capabilities with focused standalone sections for Business, National / International news, Real Estate, Automotive & Recruitment
  • Cleaner look for content and advertising with modular ad units
  • More targeted advertising opportunities – new section fronts, backs, adjacencies, sponsorships
  • Enhanced reader experience with the new format delivers a more engaged audience
  • Tablet size integrates better with the digital sensibilities of today’s younger news consumer – and the tablet generation
  • Attractive to younger audiences
  • Content decisions supported by reader research
  • Quality editorial and uncompromised breadth of coverage

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High Praise For The Columbus Dispatch

Just wanted to tell you that after a week of reading the new format on my iPad. I also love it. I was curious as to how it would translate to the digital edition and I think it's a definite winner. And thanks for having it ready for me to read each morning just like my carrier did. Only now I don't have to walk out on a cold, snowy driveway to get my daily "fix".

After almost a week of the "new" Dispatch, I'll have to say I am really impressed. For some reason, the new format makes me feel compelled to read more stories. Another plus is I can see my husband's face over the sports pages! Can't wait to see what the Sunday edition will look like.

I absolutely LOVE it, even though I was prepared to hate it. No one likes change, but it's so much more manageable and easy to read.  The only criticism I can come up with is: Why didn't you do this ten years ago?  BRAVO - bravo for a job well done!

Congratulations on shrinking the page!
The compact format's all the rage,
And content kept its newsy punch -
Can be digested over lunch.
And I can store it in my purse,
Refer to it when I converse.
Competitors will take a look
And understand the sweat it took.
Our Dispatch is now copacetic
And makes a reader wax poetic.

-Sherry Steinman, Newark

“It is easier to handle, environmentally friendly – it’s easier to find the sections.”

I absolutely LOVE the new Dispatch format!! Everything looks great and the layout works wonderful on the iPad electronic edition. Also, the BOLD names in the Obituaries makes scanning them so much easier. Thanks for improving a GREAT newspaper!!

At 5 A.M. I went out to the driveway, retrieved the Dispatch. And now, all involved in publishing the Dispatch, take a bow. It is beyond our expectations, easy to read, easy to handle and departments are easy to find. Thanks, a 60 year reader/subscriber.

It is a nice size…I like to holding it in my hand. There is something else I like about it, the size makes possible for you to sit at the dinner table and read  while being able to steal a glance at your husband or wife and your children too.  And better yet they can now see you. Kudos Dispatch for making something good better.

From an advertiser: I just wanted to share with you how much I LOVE the new look.. It is awesome so much easier to handle.. and good readable print... love love love...

“It feels more manageable and I like the look of the layout.

“My wife will be happy as she can see me across the breakfast table while I am reading the paper."

“I really like the new format. I feel it is more convenient, portable and easier to read. The new format brings up additional opportunities that we can explore.” – Mike Rosati, Owner, Rosati Windows

“I really appreciate the attention that’s gone into every aspect of the redesign. You are maintaining space for all your current news while adding several editorial features of value to readers. The color-coded sections are smart and you’re offering new opportunities for impactful ad messaging. On a personal note, I look forward to the new size. No more fighting for kitchen counter space when I share the paper with my husband – plenty of room for both of us.” – Donna Teach, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations 

“The new format of The Columbus Dispatch is much more user-friendly and easier to read. The format lends itself to be more portable – and very convenient when traveling.

“The new format appears more user-friendly and comfortable; the pictures also look more dominant.” – Rob Klaben, Marketing Director, Morris Furniture Co, Inc.

“The size is inviting. A reader can actually sit in a plane seat and not have to wrestle with the paper or spread it out all over the passenger next to them. Easy-to-handle, easy-to-read and a beautiful inviting format for both the avid reader as well as the passive reader.

This is the format for the Future. With the additional sections, better niche focusing, easy to hand, easy to read format it’s no wonder you call it a Smart Paper. I felt brighter after just seeing the prototype!!! Bravo on a dramatic change that has so Many Positive Benefits!”

“This is Not My Fathers Newspaper! This is a Smart Paper, and cutting edge with it’s appeal actually reaching a younger based reader, and at the same time creating a better more attractive product for core readers!” – Dave Bowen, President, DBB & Assoc. Inc.

“I am really excited about the change! I like it – I feel like it is friendlier for the reader to handle. In addition, it seems like the coloring is more vibrant, ads and words pop more! This makes the paper more user friendly, especially with the younger demographic who might generally only pick up a tabloid magazine.” – Emily Morris, HR Manager, Exel Logistics